History and importance of Vijayraghavgarh Fort, Katni

Vijayraghavgarh Fort

Vijayraghavgarh  Fort is the pride of Katni city. It is an ancient fort. You will find ancient fort in Vijayraghavgarh  tehsil. There are many places to see you in Vijayraghavgarh  Fort, you can see Rang Mahal, Temple, Samadhi Sthal, Queen's Kitchen, Queen Raja's Palace, Old Fort, and ancient well in this fort. You can learn the ancient history through the fort.

Vijayaraghavgarh Fort, Katni
Vijayaraghavgarh Fort, Katni

Status of Vijayraghavgarh Fort

Vijay Raghav Garh Fort is located in the city of Katni. Katni city is a district of Madhya Pradesh. Vijayraghavgarh  is the tehsil and nagar panchayat of Katni city. This fort is located in the Vijayraghavgarh  tehsil. It will be about 35 kilometers from Katni city, you can come here by your car. You can reach Vijay Raghav Garh Fort by bus.This fort is very big.

Information about Vijayraghavgarh Fort

Vijayraghavgarh Fort is a historical place located in Katni. you can go to this fort by bus and own car or bike. When you reach the Vijayraghavgarh Fort, you will see a crater around the fort. This pit is filled with water, in the old times crocodiles and poisonous snakes were kept in these pits, so that if someone attacked the fort or tried to enter the fort, they would find it difficult to cross the pits and their can also die.

You enter inside a big entrance in Vijayraghavgarh  Fort, you get to see Rang Mahal in the premises of Vijayraghavgarh  Fort. The texture of this mahal is very good. The Rang Mahal of Vijayraghavgarh Fort is very beautiful in  it is decorated with painting. But people have spoiled in painting by writing their names. There is  painting on the roof of Rang Mahal. Here you will see the painting on the roof, which is very beautiful, there is no harm in it.

This painting is very beautiful and you will love that painting. Inside the fort you will get to see a lot of bats, who live in the dark, there is also a place to roam under the palace. This palace is very beautiful and your pictures are very good here.

In the premises of Vijayraghavgarh  Fort you will also see a place to tie horses, and when you go inside the main fort, you get to see a large courtyard in the center of the fort, in which you get to see the tomb, in which the white color Tiles are installed, apart from this, you also get to see the temple in this courtyard, there is also a well, which is now covered with iron rods. 

The half-fort is open to the public. Inside the fort you will find a banyan tree. Banyan tree grown on the walls of the fort.

You can see the whole fort by standing in the middle of the courtyard of the fort, there are verandas around the courtyard of the fort, which have beautiful windows, carvings and jaalis, which is quite beautiful. This fort is in a very shabby condition now, so I would advise you not to climb over the fort because many parts of the fort have fallen and become weak.

the government of this fort is not taking good care of it,  this fort is going into a very shabby condition. There is no facility of any kind in this fort. There is neither water to drink nor toilet. If you go to the fort, then carry water and food, you will not find any kind of shops in the fort.

Within a short distance of this fort, you will  see the market, which fills in the Vijayraghavgarh  tehsil. you can  buying food and water in market. If you want to spend more time in this fort, then you should take food and water. Fort does not have any type of entry fee and only you have to write your name, address and mobile number.

Vijayaraghavgarh Fort, Katni
Vijayaraghavgarh Fort, Katni

Vijayaraghavgarh Fort, Katni
Vijayaraghavgarh Fort, Katni
Vijayaraghavgarh Fort, Katni
Vijayaraghavgarh Fort, Katni

Construction of Vijay Raghav Garh Fort

Vijayraghavgarh Fort was built by King Prayag Das ji. Raja Prayag Das Ji was the brother of Maihar Raja. This fort was constructed in 1826 and the construction work of this fort went on for many years. The fort is made up to sandstone. The specialty of this fort is that it is a very safe fort.

You get to see very beautiful stone carvings in the fort. Saryu Prasad, son of King Prayag Das, has played an important role in liberating the country by fighting against the British. King Saryu Prasad joined the revolution of 1857 against the British, due to which the British arrested him and took away this fort from them.

Best time to visit Vijayraghavgarh Fort

The best time to visit Vijay Raghav Garh Fort is during the winter or the rainy season. In summer, the temperature here is very high and if there is too much heat, then you may have trouble coming here. But you can roam the entire fort in the winter.

Vijay Raghav Garh Fort is open from 10 am to 6 pm. You can come to the fort at this time. The police station and PWD rest house are located about 100 meters from the fort.You can easily come to this fort. There is a paved road to reach the fort.

From this fort you can reach from Maihar, Katni and Satna. Maihar's road to the fort is very bad, this road cannot be traveled at night, because the road is very bad.

This fort is not very big and it may take you 1-2 hours to roam the fort. Vijayraghavgarh Fort is the best place for picnic. One can come to this fort with friends and family. You can do  photoshoot in the fort. 

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