Unique Adegoan Fort and Kaal bhairav Temple in Seoni city

The famous Kaalbhairav ​​Temple of Adegaon

The fort of Adegaon and the temple of Kaal Bhairav ​​are a beautiful tourist destination. There is a very ancient temple of Kalabhairav ​​Ji inside the Adegaon fort. The fort of Adegaon was built in the 18th century. Beautiful idols of Kale Bhairav, Batuk Bhairav ​​and Nag Bhairava are located in this temple. More miraculous items exist in this place. It is situated on the Shyamlata tree, which has been found in only two places in the world.

Unique Adegoan Fort and Kaal bhairav Temple in  Seoni city

Adagaon Fort

This fort is at a distance of 18 km from Lakhnadoun tehsil of Seoni district. If you go to this place then this fort starts appearing from a distance. The way to reach this fort goes through the market of Adegaon. But if you visit this fort on Sunday, do not go from the market area on this day. You pass through another road in this fort which passes near the school. You can go from there.

You reach near the fort, you see the fort on the top of a mountain, to reach which you have to go up stairs. By reaching over this fort, you get a very good view. You get to see the view around Adegaon. This fort was built in the eighteenth century on the high mountain for soldiers during the Maratha reign. This fort is also known as Gadhi. 

The construction of this fort or Gadhi was put in the 18th century under the reign of Maratha ruler Raghuji Bhonsle of Nagpur by his Guru Narmada Bharti (Khadak Bhartiya Gonsaid). The Bhosle government had given him the estate of 84 villages. It was only by him that Bhairav ​​Baba's temple was built inside the fort.

Unique Adegoan Fort and Kaal bhairav Temple in  Seoni city

Currently, in this fort you can see the strongholds built around it, the rest of the fort is now demolished. This fort was built on brick, stone and limestone on the high hill of Adegaon. The outer wall of the fort still stands firmly, many years have passed but so far these walls have not suffered any damage. All the construction has now collapsed except for the outer wall and strongholds of the fort.

This fort is rectangular in shape. There is a big pond behind the fort. The main door of this fort is towards the east. There is also a door on the west side where you can go outside the fort, there is a shutter, from here you can go towards the pond. There is a step here to go towards the pond.

The excavation work in this fort was also done by the Department of Archeology. During this excavation, it was discovered that one room was a verandah and other construction as well. The excavation was later halted. This fort was mainly built for the use of weapons and soldiers. There is also a school on the hill near this fort, probably an elementary school.

There is a mosque in the outer area of this fort and in the outer area you will also get to see a water tank. As soon as you go inside the fort from the main gate, you get to see the temple of Kaal Bhairav.

The Adagaon fort and village were ruled by Narmada Bharti, the guru of the Maratha ruler. This fort was assigned to his disciple Bhairava Bharti, Dhokal Bharti and Daulat Bharti under the disciple tradition from Guru Narmada Bharti, later the fort was captured by the British government from the Maratha rulers. It is an ancient fort, people come from far and wide to see it.

Unique Adegoan Fort and Kaal bhairav Temple in  Seoni city

Ancient temple of Sri Kaal Bhairav

This fort is also famous as the fortress of Kaal Bhairav. The fort has an ancient temple of Lord Kaal Bhairav. People have great reverence for this temple. People come from far and wide to visit this temple. The Kalabhairava, Nagabhairava and Batukabhairava idols sit in the temple of Adegaon Fort, which have been worshiped for centuries. People also know it as another Kashi. People say that like Banaras, an ancient statue is installed here in the standing form of Lord Kalabhairava. On the day of Bhairav ​​Ashtami, people come from the entire Seoni district and also from other districts to the Bhairav ​​Baba temple of this fort.

Rare tree presence

This fort of Adegaon is famous for the temple of Bhairav ​​Baba with its ancient history. In this fort you will see a rare tree which you will not find anywhere else in the world. Shyamlata tree has been planted on the bank of the pond behind the fort here. This tree is found in a place other than this place. The specialty of this rare tree is that the name of Shriradha Krishna appears in the leaves of the tree. 

Fort position and access road

The fort of Adegaon is located in Seoni district. The fort of Adegaon is situated in Lakhanadon Tehsil of Seoni district. This fort is located at a distance of about 18 km from Lakhanadon tehsil. The fort of Adegaon will be about 78 km from Seoni district headquarters. This fort will be about 103 km from Jabalpur district. Here, you can reach easily by road. There is a good road to go even.You should use your vehicle to reach it as it may be good for you. Here the auto or bus will also be moving, but it will run from time to time, if you have to travel by bus or auto, then you have to take special care of time. 
Adegoan Fort Seoni city
Adegoan Fort highway Road

You must first reach Lakhanadon to arrive here. A place called Adegaon is about 18 km from Lakhanadon. You can reach Srinagar from Kanyakumari highway to reach here.You can reach this place comfortably on the highway. The highway road is good but when you go on the road with Adegaon, then the road there is a bit bad. To reach this fort you have to go to the nearest railway station of Ghansaur and Narsinghpur. Narsinghpur and Ghansaur railway stations can be around 55 km from this fort.

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